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Need a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence?

What is CPC?

CPC stands for the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence and it is now a legal requirement for all professional commercial drivers to hold a CPC in order to continue driving legally. It applies to both new drivers, who have to pass a four part test, and experienced drivers who have to undertake regular periodic training to keep their licence. If you have any questions on CPC and how it applies to you, please do call our expert advisers for guidance.

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What does it mean?

This was introduced following EU Directive 2003/59 which requires all professional bus, coach and lorry drivers to hold a CPC as well as their driving licence. It means that any driver who obtained their LGV/HGV license before September 2009, who wants to drive for a living needs, to complete Periodic Training.

As an experienced driver, if you are gaining money for your driving skills, you have to complete 35 hours of CPC training every five years, to continue driving legally. The good news is, we can provide this training for you and can advise on all the requirements – just contact one of our experts.

But for any driver who obtained their LGV licence AFTER September 2009 and any new drivers coming into the industry now, CPC introduced a new initial qualification process that they must complete before they can drive professionally. The new driver CPC applies after passing the basic driving licence, and includes four sections:

  • The CPC theory test – this is made of two parts, a multiple choice test containing 100 questions and a hazard perception test made up of 19 videos.
  • The CPC case studies – seven case studies which the driver works through on a computer, which takes around two hours to complete.
  • The practical tests – driving ability on the road – one and a half hour driving test
  • The practical tests – vehicle safety demonstration

The aim is to improve professional driver safety, reduce road casualties and enhance the reputation of those that drive for a living by ensuring high levels of competence from the outset. We can support you with all levels of CPC training. Once you have passed your bus driver training tests and gained your Driver CPC, you will be entitled to become a full-time lorry, bus or coach driver.

What about the periodic training?

The 35 hours of periodic training has to be completed every five years by all professional HGV or LGV drivers to continue to drive legally.

It is broken down into five distinct modules, which are seven hours long and are completed across five days so the whole training takes a week to complete.

Your Driver Qualification Card should have a date on it for when your training needs to be completed by and if you fail to meet this deadline for completing the training and registering it with the DVSA, then you will no longer be able to earn your living from driving a Heavy Goods Vehicle, so it’s really important to get your training booked in.

Call us now and we can advise on costs and dates for each of the modules required.

How do I find out more?

We can offer the full training requirements for the CPC to help you ensure you are meeting all of the legal requirements to drive HGV and LGV for a living. If you are not sure whether you need the full training or the periodic training, then our supportive, friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help so why not call us for a quick chat to find out which is the right course for you and get booked in.

As well as the CPC course, we can also offer help and support to secure a job as professional driver, if that’s what you are looking for, through our professional recruitment pack which is full of advice and tips and tricks to help you secure your first driving position.

We are a professional driver training school, geared up to offer a full range of HGV and LGV training to suit all your needs so why not give us a call today and get started on the next stage of your unique driving experience.

Our courses can kickstart a new career or just make sure that when you are driving for leisure you are doing so as safely and skillfully as you can. Talk to us today and we will advise you on the next steps you need to take.

Want to discuss your options?

We’re open Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm | Sat 8am – 12pm. Give us a call or drop us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Want to discuss your options?

We’re open Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm | Sat 8am – 12pm. Give us a call or drop us a message and we’ll get back to you.