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Category C+E

If you have always wanted to drive an articulated lorry then this is the licence category that you will need to aim for. A Category CE is basically an extension of a Category C licence and allows you to drive any Category C vehicle with a trailer that weighs more than 750kg.

You do need to have passed all the tests to achieve a Category C before you can apply to train for a C+E licence as it is an upgrade from one to the other.

This licence category really gives you the freedom to drive any size of vehicle over 3.5 tonnes and pull any size of trailer over 750kg – there is no upper weight limit on either section under this category and we can train you to achieve it.

C + E is sometimes known as Class 1 and is split into two different areas so you can train on either a full articulated lorry – a separate cab and trailer – or on what’s known as a “waggon and drag” which is a rigid vehicle towing a trailer.

So what could I drive?

Basically, you can drive any vehicle larger than 3.5 tonnes and pull any trailer bigger than 7.5kg so you are able to drive very large lorries, articulated lorries, large lorries pulling large trailers – there is no size limitation as to what you can take on.

The only vehicles you can’t drive with this category are those which carry passengers so even with this on your licence, you are not entitled to drive buses or coaches for a living, that requires a different category and further specialist training.

Is there anything else to consider?

If you are planning to get a Category C+E on your licence because you wish to drive this type of vehicle for a living, then you will also need the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). This was introduced by the EU and requires all professional bus, coach and lorry drivers to hold a CPC as well as their driving licence.

Driver CPC requires all existing category C and D licence holders (including C1 and D1) to take part in 35 hours training every five years in order to maintain their CPC. They do not need to do the new driver training qualifications but need to complete the 35 hours. But for new drivers, CPC introduced a new initial qualification process that they must complete before they can drive professionally.

The aim is to improve professional driver safety, reduce road casualties and enhance the reputation of those that drive for a living by ensuring high levels of competence from the outset. We can support you with all levels of CPC training.

How hard is it to pass HGV training?

It can seem daunting when first looking at HGV driving requirements, with the different license categories, and all the practical and theory tests involved, but please don’t feel daunted as we are here to make sure you achieve your driving dreams.


You need to practice actually driving a vehicle as much as possible so that the theory becomes real and it’s really the only way to learn. Reading about reversing a lorry with a trailer on the back will in no way equip you with the skills to actually do it.

Mock tests

Take part in as many mock theory tests as you can beforehand, there are plenty out there online so get in as much practice doing the tests as you can. It also makes sense to carry out mock practical tests as well and we can assist with this.


When you are revising for the theory tests, focus only on the information which you need to know to pass the test. It can be tempting to read up and cram your brain with tonnes of information but that can lead to overload and stop you learning what you need to know on the day.

Be Confident and Calm

If there are areas of driving that you are unsure about, or less confident about then tell your instructor and they can focus your training to ensure that when you go for the real tests you are as confident as you can be. Try to learn some calming techniques for test day.

We can help you with every step of your journey to becoming a safe, confident and competent HGV driver, whether you want to become a courier, start your own home removals business or become a long distance articulated lorry driver, we have the right training to meet your needs and make your driving dreams a reality.


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    Want to discuss your options?

    We’re open Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm | Sat 8am – 12pm. Give us a call or drop us a message and we’ll get back to you.